Saturday, November 22, 2008

More Tires, and Red Wheels

I've been busy working on my Formula Vee race car, and haven't given Salty much attention lately. Well, that changed this weekend. I received two more of my back-ordered tires (only one more rear tire remains) and set about getting them mounted up.

Installing a new front tire on the chrome front wheel rim, in the living room, while Susan watches Dancing with the Stars.

Last month, I had assembled a second set of wheels, using an older pair of wheel rims whose chrome was not in fantastic condition. I decided to paint the rims red, to match the tank and seat. I wasn't sure if I would like the end product on the bike, but figured what the heck!

Installing a rim band on the red wheel rim, before the front tire gets wedged on:

A note about installing tires. I don't have any fancy tire installation tools, so instead I use a pair of old screwdrivers that I've smoothed over on the end and edges, and a couple paint can opening thingies. You know those little guys that looks like a bottle opener, but have a small lip for getting paint can lids open. I also use some warm soapy water, and take my time. After a few tires, I've gotten pretty good at it.

And here is the half finished product, with a red wheel on the front:

I also had to make a new exhaust bracket, as the right side cover of the C100 3-speed engine has a little "bump-out" for the automatic clutch. Luckily I had more than enough room to move the exhaust out a tick to clear.

After I get the new engine built for the FV, I hope to get Salty up and running. Possibly over the long Christmas weekend.