Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sparky McSparky!

After a bit of fiddling with various stators and coils, I finally got some spark to the plug. Apparently I have about four different stator assemblies, two different ignition coils, and a random selection of harnesses. What I had in the bike was a mixture of I don't know what, and it wasn't working.

So I grabbed the stator off the original C110 engine and cleaned it up. It really didn't take much effort, as I just ran some emery through the points, lubed the little foam pad, and blew the crud out with some compressed air. After I installed it, I mounted the stock C110 coil and ran a few wires. I don't plan on running any lights on Salty, so I didn't use the stock harness or key assembly.

I found this wiring diagram online here:

I isolated the ignition circuit and just a ran a simple on/off toggle switch up to the headstock area. The switch is grounded, so that turning it "on" releases it from ground, and the magic sparks happen.

I was pretty excited to see the sparkplug spark. So much so, I called my pops right away, since he was over last night doing some troubleshooting with me.