Sunday, June 27, 2010

Throttle Cable and Fuel Lines

I've actually done a few little things on Salty over the past couple weeks, but nothing exciting enough to really report on its own. I had rebuilt the stock petcock and mounted it, got the intake manifold mounted, and ran some fuel lines.

Since it was 100-degrees outside this afternoon, I thought the living room would make a great garage space, so that I could build and mount a throttle cable. Luckily, Susan didn't mind as she was busy surfing the vast internets for dinner recipes:

I had this 1/4-turn throttle assembly in the spares box, and I modified a C100 throttle cable to fit:

With the help of Tom Cruise I got it all wrapped up:

I'm getting real close to seeing if this thing fires up.just a few more minor details to take care of.