Friday, July 2, 2010

De-Gunked Engine and Freshly Sealed Side Cover

I whipped off the side cover on Salty's engine, and gave it a good thorough douching inside and out. There was about half a gasket stuck to the case, so that took some scraping and wire brushing to get it off. I also cleaned up the mating surface on the engine, and gave the entire area a good spray cleaning and brushing.

It was much cleaner that I thought it would be, as witnessed by the photos below:

I used some permatex gasket sealer on the mating surface and installed the side cover. I pulled out my trusty in-lb torque wrench and carefully went around the bolts a few times until everything was snug.

I figure I'll wait till morning to fill it with oil, and then get back to running it a little and dialing in the idle and mixture settings.


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