Saturday, July 3, 2010

Proof it Runs

After a few minutes of tinkering, I got Salty to kick over easier, rev a bit cleaner, and eventually idle fairly smoothly. Here is me tinkering:

And proof it runs! I'm thinking of renaming him Smokey, as he tends to smoke a little. Probably a bit of blow by the freshly honed cylinder and new rings. And I think I squirted quite a bit of magic oil in the cylinder last year so as not to turn it over dry.

I still need to build a shift lever and adjust the auto-clutch before I can see if it motivates down the road under its own power. But at least it manages to run and idle better.



sean said...

Sounds almost exactly like I'd expect it to, for some reason. Very cool it's running.

hexinduction said...

do you still have that monster vm24 on it? did you have to mess with the jet at all?

Dave said...

Salty come on over to Yahoo Groups classicpushrodhonda50s I have your bike up for all to see tell us how it is going, Have fun, Dave