Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chain Cover

I spent a little time in the garage today working on Salty. It is about 45-degrees out, rainy and windy, but luckily the garage is warm! I raised the front ride height about 1/2", as I found the front shocks wanted to just barely bottom-out on small bumps. That wasn't difficult, just fiddly.

The other thing I did was take on old chain cover from the parts bin, clean it up, fit it, and paint it. These early Hondas had a fully enclosed chain cover to keep the oil from flinging off the chain and onto the bike, and keep dirt/grunge from getting onto the chain. Usually these covers are ditched the first time the chain is adjusted or replaced.

The cover is in two pieces, a top and bottom. Each piece bolts to the swingarm, and then they fit into each other for a tight fit.


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