Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kickstand and Number

I finally got off my duff today around 1pm, and did a bit of work to Salty. Job one was to make up a kickstand, to replace the center stand. Centerstands are great for performing maintenance, but they are difficult to work around. Usually the exhaust, chain, and rear brake levers all have to be positioned just right to avoid interfering with the centerstand.

In my case, the only thing that interfered was the rear brake lever. I had built it with the centerstand down, not realizing it would swing up against the brake lever with the bike on its wheels. The easiest solution was to just take the damn thing off! I can still slide it under the bike if I want to use it for maintenance, but I built up a simple little kickstand for day-to-day use.

I had found a $7 kickstand made for a kiddy bicycle at Wally World a few week ago, which I installed on the Trials bike. As luck would have it, the K-Mart just down the street had the exact same unit. I bolted it right under the motor (where the stock footpegs normally bolt) and shortened it a tad to be the correct length. I topped it off by welding on a washer to give it a bit more contact area with the ground.

Job number two was to finally put some class letters/numbers on the number plates I had built many moons ago. In this case, M-PG 50. Modified chassis, Pushrod Gas, 50cc.


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